Renting Questions

  • Is there insurance on my unit?
    You are responsible for the insurance of the items in your unit. We do not insure stored items. We suggest that you check with your own insurance company as they may cover the items already. Additionally, we can provide the names of insurers who provide low-cost insurance coverage for your items.
  • Do I have to sign a lengthy contract?
    No. We offer month-to-month rental agreements that automatically renews each month until you vacate. The minimum charge is one month’s rent, so you can stay as long or short as you need. For your protection, we provide a written agreement. Be sure to read it thoroughly and ask any questions. If you have a change of address be sure to notify us in writing.

  • What do I need to bring with me when I rent a space?

    You will need one form of current identification with your photograph and signature on it, such as a driver’s license, and a phone number where we can reach you if needed.

Access Questions

  • Do I have to use your lock or buy a lock from you?
    We do not provide locks for you. It’s your lock and your key. We do sell locks in our office for your convenience.

Move In / Packing Questions

  • Is there anything I need to do to prepare my unit before I move in my belongings?
    Your unit will be clean and ready for move in. But you might still want to prepare it by placing plastic on the floor under your goods to help keep them clean and reduce moisture. You might also consider placing pallets on the floor to increase airflow in your unit.
  • How do I pack my storage unit for easiest access to my items?
    There are a few key features to a well organized storage unit. Most importantly always leave a clear center walkway to the rear of your space for easy access. Clearly label all boxes and face the writing towards the walking isle. Try to utilize the full height available by installing shelving or carefully stacking boxes and never lean items against the walls. Lastly don’t forget to place frequently used goods near the door.
  • Can I store my gasoline powered tools and vehicles?
    You can store gasoline powered tools and vehicles like lawn mowers, power tools, boats, snowmobiles, and cars. But since it is both unsafe and illegal to store gasoline you must drain all gasoline before storing them.
  • OK so know combustibles materials are there any other things I can’t store?
    We do not permit the storage of hazardous, toxic, or illegal substances. In addition, we do not allow customers to operate a business directly out of a unit, work on a vehicle, regularly bring customers to look at merchandise, fabricate, weld, or process materials, or to inhabit a unit.

  • Can I pack my stuff in plastic bags?

    Because humidity can gather in plastic bags and cause damage to your goods, we recommend you avoid storing your belongings in plastic bags. Boxes offer a much better packing solution and are more easily stacked and managed. Using new boxes of uniform size can simplify your moving / storing experience and reduces the likelihood of breaking your valuables. Please check our office for a wide selection of high quality boxes and moving / packing related supplies.
  • What steps do you take to prevent moisture from entering into units?
    We have taken many steps to prevent moisture from entering your unit. Our metal standing seam roofs are pitched to allow water to run off into our aisles. Our aisles are then sloped away from the buildings to insure that water flows toward the center of the roads and properly drains off the property. Additionally, during the construction process we installed thick plastic sheeting under our concrete floors to prevent moisture from seeping up into the unit.
  • Do you rent moving equipment?
    We have free dollies you are welcome to use that are conveniently located throughout the facility. This can save you some heavy lifting. Remember to always use proper lifting techniques. Always lift with your legs and never your back. Try to pack boxes to no more than 30 lbs and get help with the heavier items.
  • Do you sell boxes and packing supplies?
    Yes. We offer a variety of different size boxes and moving supplies to meet all of your packing needs. The quality of the cardboard boxes is excellent and they will last a long time. We have mirror boxes for pictures, etc. as well as wardrobe boxes equipped with a hanger for your clothing needs. We also offer a variety of custom fit dust cover for everything from couches to mattress as well as the moving blankets. Please see the Moving Supplies section for a more complete listing.
    What are the dimensions of the doors?
    This will vary depending on the size of the unit. Our most common door size is 104 inches or 8 feet 8 inches wide. The doors on the 5×10 units are 44 inches wide or 3 feet 8 inches wide. All the roll up doors at Newmarket Storage are 7 feet high.

  • What is the height of the ceilings?

    The ceiling height is usually about 100 inches or 8 feet 5 inches tall. Some units have slightly higher dimensions and you will have to make those inquiries with the site manager.
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